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Several members of an Alzheimer's Support group asked that I try to distract them from the day to day drudgery of caregiving. I began to write short vignettes about my childhood in Aberdeen, Idaho. The stories became popular and they were fun to write. Eventually, the book emerged. Click on the image to learn more.
Aberdeen Stories: Growing Up Right In Small-town America
"Aberdeen High Jinks" is my second book. It begins where the first book left off. It contains stories about my high school years, a single year at college, and my eventual enlistment in the United States Navy. Just click on the image to your left to learn more.
Aberdeen High Jinks
When I left Aberdeen, I entered the United States Navy and eventually became an electronics technician. I served during several Vietnam campaigns and served in a boat unit and on three ships. Click on the image to learn more about this chronological account of my early Navy years!
Beyond Aberdeen: A Bluejacket Diary
For as long as I can remember, I have been writing my thoughts down as verse, usually including rhyme and meter. For a long time, my mother - among others - has encouraged me to compile them into a book. Finally, I selected some and published them. I invite you to click on the picture above and order a copy for yourself. I am fairly certain that you can enjoy it, even if you hate poetry.
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